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An event app with serious mapping power
Interactive maps engage users with your event app. Only Tangerine offers indoor location and navigation, opening opportunities for your venue, planners, exhibitors and attendees - see the difference location makes.    
Why Tangerine

Tangerine is distinct from other event apps because it puts the power of location to work for venues, planners, attendees, exhibitors, sponsors and local businesses in the community. With the most advanced interactive map on the market and a full featured event app, Tangerine stands uniquely apart from other event apps.
Indoor Location and Navigation
Interactive maps are one of the tools used most frequently in event apps. At Tangerine we understand the value of location and user engagement, so we built Tangerine's map with location and navigation features that no other event app offers. 
Why it is important to you
With indoor location and navigation your users not only know where they are in your venue, they can easily get to where they want to be whether it is the plenary, next session in Grand Gallery A or the closest restroom.
Local Businesses Become Partners
Tangerine uses one interactive map, so users can go from inside your venue and into the community without ever loading another map. Users find what they want and where it is located and local businesses become vested partners.
Why it is important to you
Local businesses help define your community and event attendees want to find local businesses for dining, attractions and entertainment. Tangerine directly connects local businesses to event attendees through Offers and map placement, so your community and visitors both benefit.
Your Venue, Your Event App
Put your venue back in your hands. Offer clients a powerful event app with the comfort of knowing your venue is being presented consistently from one event to the next. Build partnerships with local businesses knowing what your event app can offer and experience the benefits at the community level. 
Why it is important to you
Mobile event apps are an effective and useful service to your clients. And with Tangerine you benefit by creating a new revenue source, offering a great event app at an attractive price and building partnerships in your community that connect large audiences to local businesses and attractions.
DMO/CVB Integration
Integrating your DMO/CVB listings in Tangerine's event app significantly improves the information available to event attendees. And this helps attendees find exactly what they want, while also building a knowledge base of visitor behavior that can be applied to targeted Offers and community awareness campaigns.
Why it is important to you
Providing your clients with the best local information for your community is the best way to connect attendees with local businesses, better understand visitor behavior and promote your venue and community as a great destination for events.
A Dedicated and Innovative Partner
A full featured event app with innovative new applications in interactive mapping, indoor location and indoor navigation offers you amazing technology. But we know that it is the partnership with you that results in success, so we are vested partners in making sure you are successful and that your input has value. 
Why it is important to you
Our success is dependent on your success - there is no better marketing than satisfied clients. And we know our best innovations come from listening to our clients, so your input is always considered valuable in shaping the next big thing or the subtle enhancement.