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Tangerine For Convention Centers

Mobile event apps have quickly become a value added service that planners want for their events. Using different event apps for each event at your venue removes you from the benefits of offering your own event app, and is more expensive for your clients. See how Tangerine's venue event app puts you back in control of your venue and experience all of the benefits of your own venue event app.
Benefits To Convention Centers
When your venue offers its own mobile event app you take ownership of the benefits. And with Tangerine's event app your benefits extend from venue and into the community.
Know exactly what floor plan map and venue information is presented from one event to the next. Maintaining consistency builds familiarity with your app and gives you peace of mind knowing what your clients are presented with - no matter what the event is or who the planner may be.
Connect Community to Event
Connecting local businesses to your events in helps build partnerships and gives attendees the information they want to explore your community. Tangerine's venue app helps you build Offers from local businesses, evaluate what Offers work best and bridge the gap between event and community.
Create New Revenues
Tangerine offers an amazing event app that creates new revenue for your venue. Best of all your clients get Tangerine at a price that is still less than leading mobile event apps that offer less. Even better - your clients can pay for the event app through sponsor banners, which for most events will also create new revenues for the event.
From Venue To R&D Partner
Using Tangerine's venue event app for events at your venue connects you directly to the developer. The communication line runs from you to us. And we understand the value of partners and listening to input from the people who know venues. The result, you become a stakeholder in the R&D process - from ideas to testing to application - and we think that is pretty unique.