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Tangerine For DMO/CVB

Provide a standard event app to venues in your community and connect event audiences directly to your listings. Engage visitors with geo-location based Offers, promote walking tours, connect socially and gain valuable insight into visitor behavior. Tangerine's mobile event app helps you see what Offers work best and to what event demographic,  improve awareness of local businesses and promote key listings that help define your community.
Benefits To DMO/CVB
Offering event planners and venues in your community a standard mobile event app benefits visitors, your venues, local businesses and makes your job easier by putting the right information at your fingertips.
Local Listings - Large Audience
Imagine presenting your listings to all of the events held in your community in a standard mobile event app. Connecting local businesses to a large audience of event attendees, promoting your cultural attractions or suggesting walking tours. The benefits are significant to visitors and the knowledge base you build about your visitors is a valuable resource that makes your job easier.
Better Information
Tangerine's mobile event app helps you see where visitors go when they leave the event venue giving you a birds eye view of visitor behavior. What Offers, walking tours or promotional items are they interested in? Do different event groups (event demographics) access specific local businesses - restaurants, shopping, entertainment? Tangerine gives you the power of better information so that you connect the right visitors to the local businesses they are looking for.
Social Connection
As the DMO/CVB you want to connect with visitors and gain insight into their experiences while visiting your community. Tangerine helps you connect visitors to your social channels like Facebook, YouTube and Twitter. Link promotions and Offers with surveys or polls about your community its dining, entertainment, accessibility and more. Tangerine connects you to your visitors and helps you understand their experience.
Attractive Pricing
Using Tangerine's mobile event app for all of your venues allows us to reduce costs and pass these savings on to you and your clients. More volume, less cost - it's that simple. And best of all you will generate revenue from Tangerine, while still offering your clients an amazing event app at a price that will make them smile.