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Tools you want and clients need in one event app
In the event app landscape, Tangerine stands apart with indoor navigation, local business integration and a full featured event app. Connect attendees to your venue
and community.

Map Features

Maps engage users in your event app. At Tangerine, we understand the importance of user engagement in an event app and the value of understanding location in a venue, so our map gurus created Tangerine with features that no other event app has - and made them simple and fun to use.
Interactive Map

Users can explore your venue floor by floor or jump outside of the venue to browse restaurants, shopping or attractions all in one map. So whether inside or out, attendees access the same map to meet all of their location needs.
Indoor Navigation

Navigation is just as important inside of a building as it is on the outside. Say you want to go from the Exhibit Hall to the next session on the second floor, or find the closest restroom. With Tangerine indoor navigation makes finding your way a snap.
Indoor Location

It is GPS inside of your venue, so users always know where they are inside your building. Only Tangerine uses the powerful combination of indoor routing and indoor location to simplify navigation around your venue.
External Navigation

Because Tangerine uses a single interactive map, users can go from inside your venue outside and use the navigation and GPS tools they are accustomed to. The result is an integrated map solution that gets users from venue to local businesses and attractions without ever having to switch maps.
DMO/CVB Integration

Adding DMO/CVB listings to Tangerine's  interactive map helps users access and understand your community. Events benefit the community and integrating local business information from DMO/CVB listings is the perfect gateway for connecting attendees to local businesses.
Always Connected

With Tangerine the interactive map is always available even when Wi-Fi or network connections are lost or deteriorated. The result is that users always have your venue map in the palm of their hands.
Event Features

Tangerine's Mobile Event application has the features your venue, planners, attendees, exhibitors, sponsors and local businesses are looking for. From interactive schedules to My Event and Event Surveys, Tangerine is loaded with event features that help your event shine. And at a fraction of the cost of leading event apps, we think you will be happy too.
Event Branding

Tangerine's venue event app offers complete event branding to make each event unique. Events get their own native app, graphics and sponsor banners, while retaining all of the character of your venue and the community from one event to the next.
Event Details

Event schedules, speaker profiles, general information, exhibitors, attendees and event personnel are all presented in a format that is simple for users to access and understand. And with My Event and Map It users can build their event experience and navigate to any item of interest.

Tangerine's Social Board offers users a micro blog platform that they can post to throughout the event. Users can also upload picture and videos and view media that has been uploaded by other attendees. For planners Tangerine also provides an Alert feature to broadcast changes or updates.

Event information is entered using web based administration tools. Your clients simple enter information for their event and you create Offers from local businesses. When everything is complete your event app is ready to be created. And with Tangerine's cloud services information is always secure, reliable.

There are 10 sponsor banners available in Tangerine's event app. The result, your clients can pay for the event app through sponsorships. And for most events, sponsor banners will create new revenue opportunities beyond just paying for the app. You and your clients create new revenue - that is a good deal from any angle.
My Event

My Event is a unique page in Tangerine's event app that lets users build their event experience. Users can add sessions, exhibitors, contacts, notes and Offers from local businesses. And when they need to locate any item in their My Event page, Map It takes them there including point to point navigation.
Map It

Items in the Event details that have a location, such as sessions and Offers contain a Map It option. Map It connects Event details directly to Tangerine's interactive map. Users can see where they are and get directions to an event item such as a session, the plenary or a restaurant with an half off appetizer Offer.

Event attendees are presented opportunities to enter comments and rate key aspects of the event such as sessions and speakers.
Venue and community surveys can be presented and evaluate items like food, venue layout, dining, entertainment, transportation and more. Participation can also be incentivized by adding Offers for completing any survey.