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Tangerine For Hotels

Does your Hotel mobile app serve your event needs? Tangerine's mobile event app for Hotels is a full featured event app designed for all of your events - from weddings to corporate meetings to conferences. Promote Hotel services and offer your clients a great event app at a price that will make them happy.
Benefits To Hotels
When your Hotel offers its own mobile event app you take ownership of the benefits. And with Tangerine's Hotel event app your benefits extend from Hotel services to your clients.
Know exactly what floor plan map and Hotel information is presented from one event to the next. Maintaining consistency builds familiarity with your app and gives you peace of mind knowing what your clients are presented with - no matter what the event is or who the planner may be.
Connect Hotel Services to Event
Connecting your Hotel restaurants, shopping, entertainment, leisure and recreational opportunities to your events puts your services in front of your event attendees. With Tangerine creating Offers and messaging lets you connect your Hotel services directly to your events, giving attendees the information they want and promoting your Hotel beyond the event space.
Attractive Pricing
Tangerine for Hotels puts a great event app in your clients hands without breaking their budget. Whether it is a series of corporate meetings, a wedding or large event, Tangerine offers flexible pricing so that all of your events can go mobile. 
Specialty Events
A wedding, social event and meetings require a different mindset when it comes to pricing and options. Tangerine's Hotel event app lets you offer pricing that smaller events find attractive and still cover your costs. And when it comes to weddings and social events, Tangerine has all of the social and media sharing features that preserve those special memories.