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Michigan Governor's Conference on Tourism
November 26, 2012
Tangerine is developing it's mobile event app for the 2013 Michigan Governor's Conference on Tourism held at the Detroit Marriott Renaissance Center April 14 - April 16, 2013. The Michigan Governor's Conference on Tourism event app will be part of Tangerine's spring 2013 rollout featuring an app for Hotels, Convention Centers and Events.
Indoor Location and Navigation Demo Conducted at Devos Place
October 22, 2012
InNav, Tangerine's indoor navigation service, was successfully demonstrated at the Devos Place (convention and performance center) in Grand Rapids, MI. InNav let's users view their indoor location and navigate from one location to another inside of a venue using their smartphone or tablet. Tangerine will integrate InNav in its mobile event applications for venues like Devos Place to improve location based services to attendees.

The demonstration successfully identified indoor location with movement through Devos Place. Much like traditional GPS systems, InNav displays a beacon identifying the users current position indoors as they walk through a venue. Tangerine's InNav combines indoor positioning, building layout maps and indoor walking networks to create a powerful indoor navigation service for event attendees.

Tangerine included in the demonstration a sampling of local businesses near the Devos Place. The local businesses locations were present on the map with the Devos Place and served to demonstrate the use of Offers to connect events to the community.
Indoor Mapping/Fingerprinting Completed for Devos Place
October 22, 2012
Tangerine has completed mapping projects at Devos Place (convention and performance center) in Grand Rapids, MI. The projects establish the technical foundation for indoor location and navigation services. Tangerine will integrate indoor location and navigation services in its mobile event app to provide event attendees with powerful new location features. Event attendees will now have a whole new way to interact with maps and always know where they are in a venue and see exactly how to get where they want to go - all in their smartphone or tablet.
Tangerine Partners with Radisson Plaza Hotel at Kalamazoo
October 9, 2012
Tangerine has partnered with the Radisson Plaza Hotel at Kalamazoo, MI to develop a Hotel mobile event app. The event app will be designed serve a range of events (weddings, meetings, conferences, etc.) and provide connectivity to Hotel services. Hotel mobile apps currently do not serve event needs especially well, so Tangerine will integrate features like alerts, social board, media sharing,  event schedule, offers, interactive maps and event branding in order to improve a Hotel's ability to serve a broad range of events. 

Tangerine's Hotel mobile event app will be available in early 2013.
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Tangerine is currently working on a video to highlight it's InNav services. Look for it on our home page in early 2013.